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Episode 96-100
Digimon World Your, Part 3 (Episode 96): Ken and Matt chased some escaped Digimons into a Mayan ruin. In the dark tunnel the two met up with a Gotsumon and its owner, a girl. The girl took one look at Ken and immediately had a particular affection for him. Wormmon felt protective over Ken and revolted against the girl. A battle broke out between them...?! Meanwhile in Russia, Yolei and Sora were having some difficulties. They met up with the local DigiDestinends but were unfortunately unable to communicate. Together they battled and Yolei was trying to figure out the answer. The ancient ruins lighted by love and Sora in Russia with a thunderstruck Borcht created fierce battles! What kind of end what those have...?!
Invasion of the Daemon Corps (Episode 97): The digidestined returned to Japan after returning most of the digimon to the Digiworld. Instead of returning to a peaceful Japan, they returned to a Japan in chaos. One by one, all the children in Tokyo were disappearing. Ken sensed an evil force behind this and it reminded him of his distant memories. As if his own fears were answered, evil dark digimon led by Daemon began to invade the real world! Frightened of the shadow of darkness that haunted him, Ken joined up with Davis intent on rescuing everyone. Unfortunately, even Imperialdramon failed against these strong warriors of darkness. Can Ken and Davis hearts beating as one be enough to save these people? What is Ken hiding? What really happened two years ago to him? What was their adventure in the Digital World? And, most importantly, what is Ken's secret?
Dark Sun, Dark Seed (Episode 98): Daemon's corps attacked a peaceful city out of nowhere. Paildramon had to change into fighter mode in order to succeed in his mission, but had to destroy a digimon. This lose weighed down on the digidestined hearts. Just when things looked like they couldn't get any worse, Arukenimon appeared with hostages demanding Ken go with her. Hoping to save Ken, the digidestined followed Arukenimon. Also after the boy Ken, Daemon's Corps destroyed the city without mercy. Silphymon and Shakkoumon tried to stop Daemon's Corps invasion to save lives. Sensing Yolei and Cody's doubts made Daemon's Corps only grow stronger. Will Ladydevimon's foul play be enough to push Yolei off the edge? With the digidestined be able to hold off Daemon's Corps? What is the great mystery hidden deep within Ken?
The Dark Gate (Episode 99): Wanting to save his friend and partner, Davis followed after the truck carrying Ken on Raidramon. As Davis finally began to catch up, Daemon appeared before them. Arukenimon, had by this time, made a copy of the dark seed within Ken and was willing to hand the now useless boy over to Daemon. Davis took this chance to grab his friend, but Daemon was too powerful and Arukenimon escaped with the kidnapped children. Davis tried as hard as he could to fight off Daemon. Yolei and Cody joined in to, but even Imperialdramon was no match for the darkest digimon. Only one option was leftÖ seal Daemon up in the dark ocean! In order to save everyone he held dear, Ken attempted to open the gate to the dark ocean on his own. Can Ken overcome his fear of the darkness and open up the gate? Will Davis' screams be heard? The ultimate battle with darkness is drawing nearer...
Duel of the War Greymon (Episode 100): Davisís strong desires help open the dark gate and Daemon is forced into the world of darkness. However, the digidestinedís fight is far from over. The dark seed has been transplanted into the children. The worried faces of the parents of the kidnapped children change, as they are now pleased to see their kids again. The children now display high intelligence and a genius IQ. (*cough*Ken when he was evil*cough*) Davis and the other known what will happen to the children if the seeds stay within them. They try to contact each of their homes in order to save them. The parents either donít believe them, or donít care. Also, Agumon contacts a depressed Daisuke with surprising information. Blackwargreymon is back! Blackwargreymon searches for Oikawa to find his purpose. Agumon blocks Oikawa and defends him. Afterall, Oikawa has the only information on the dark seed. Now itís Wargreymon vs Blackwargreymon! Whoís going to win this ultimate clash? And will Blackwargreymon finally learn the secret of his birth?

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