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Attributtes: Ablities or skills that all digimon have. Thease are either present already, learned, or gained through defeating other digimon.

Black Gears and Cables: Black Gears are used by Devilmon to control good digimon. It was destroyed when Devilmon is destroyed. Cables are used by Etemon. He uses them to drain digimon from their power and into him. It was destroyed when Etemon sucked into the vortex.

Champion: This is one of the many stages in the Digimon's life where it can evolve using a Digivice. This stage comes after Rookie.

Crests: A charm with an inscriptionon it that stands for a trait. This trait must be presented in order for the digimon to digivolve to the ultimate level. The crests are Courage, Love, Hope, Light, Friendship, Knowledge, Reliability, and Sincerity.

Dark Network: Etemon's power cables that allowed him to use his 'Concert Crush' attack. It uses high amounts of electricity to wreck havoc on enemies.

Data: Type of digimon that is present. They are the middle class of digimon, almost always good.

De-digivolve: The act of a digimon digivolveing backward. This means they are either to weak to stay in present form or have used up their energy and must rest and restart.

Digiegg: A multicolored egg which holds a digimon before it becomes a baby digimon.

Digimon: A digital monster that has atributtes.

Digital World: The world of digimon. They made out of datas and bits from the internet. In fact, everything in the digital world is made out of datas.

Digivice: A little divice the size of a fist which is technologically advanced that can help a digimon digivolve. It also has the power to make digimon good or nice as well as distroy black gears.

Digivolution: When two or more digimon digivolve OR the same digimon digivolves twice at around the same time.

Digivolve: When a digimon's partner is hurt or in danger, the digimon can digivolve into a stronger one in order to protect his/her partner. A digimon cannot digivolve if it is hungry or tired.

Gennai: An old man who is friends to all and helps the digidestined with their quest.

In-training: A stage in a digimon's life when it learns it's first attack (Bubble-Blow). This digimon is usually not very strong.

Mega: A stage in a digimon's life after Ultimate. Very few digimon come this far and their powers are usually immense.

Rookie: A stage in a digimon's life when it learns a unique attack. It uses the digivice to digivolve to this stage. This digimon is usually acceptionally strong.

Tags: A pendent which holds and works together with the crests.

Vaccine: A type of digimon which is of good nature. Therefore, battles against evil, virus, digimon.

Virus: A type of digimon which is or and evil nature. Most the time, they want to take over the world.

Ultimate: A stage in a digimon's life when it uses the Digivice, Tag and the Crest working together.

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