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Episode 101-105
Black WarGreymon's Destiny (Episode 101): The end of the intense battle, Blackwargreymon walked away with the words of Agumon in his heart. Meanwhile, Yolei was chasing Oikawa step for step but lost him. Ken tried to keep the Seeds of Darkness from being retrieved by Oikawa by talking to the kids. But the power of the Seeds of Darkness has surrounded the kids in evil and they treated Ken coldly. And right in front of Ken's eyes, the Seed of Darkness sprouted!! The Flower of Darkness started to absorb energy, and Oikawa obtained the power of the energy. Will he use the power to release his true demand?! The mystery that surrounds Oikawa's past to be revealed!! The Seed of Darkness is now mine. My true demand shall be granted.
Oikawa's Shame (Episode 102): Oikawa finally obtains the powers of darkness. With Blackwargreymonís fate, the powerful dark seal is activated, sealing the Digiworld. The children that had the seeds gather in Hikarigaoka Park. Oikawa was about to achieve his dream of using the dark powers of the dark seed to travel to the Digiworld. Davis tries to get the other children back. In Davisís presence, the gate that should have been sealed by Blackwargreymon opens. After opening the digiport, Oikawa soon comes to an interesting state. Oikawa begins to learn the truth about himself. All the mysteries are revealed. The true enemy appears in front of Davis, reviving unlimited fear. What is this dark force? And is there anything at all that can stop it?
The Last Temptation Of The DigiDestined (Episode 103): At long last, the final enemy appeared. A horrible fear overwhelms the children and freezes them in their tracks. Only Davis confronts Belialvandemon without total fear. Davisís courage continues to fight through this hopeless situation. His courage gives some of the digimon power and they are finally able to damage Belialvandemon. But, Belialvandemon fires a strange attack at them and they are captured in light. The digidestined find themselves within their own minds, thoughts and dreams. Wandering in a world of illusions that reflect reality. Will they throw away their courage to fight? A miracle has not been seen yet. Davisís heart is becoming desperate. This is the final and last battle! All our chances lie on a few chosen children... Can we survive?
A Million Points Of Light (Episode 104): Using power to replace thinking, Davis chased down MaloMyotismon. Faced with death, MaloMyotismon escaped again, but first sealed the DigiWorld. MaloMyotismon was revived, after absorbing the power of the DigiWorld's Darkness; and the King of the World started to drench both the real world and the DigiWorld in darkness. Davis resisted with certain death but the difference in power is too great. He and Tai tried to find help since the DigiPort wouldn't open anymore but no avail. Will this world fall to MaloMyotismon?! All was given up when the Seed of Darkness glowed in the chest of the kids, but Davis refuses to surrender his word and dream, as passionate as Kindness sounds!! As determined hearts of DigiDestineds across the globe echoed as one spontaneously, the DigiWorld released its greatest Miracle, the defeated of MaloMyotismon.
(Episode 105):

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