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Season 2
Name: Cody
Age: 9
Digimon: Armadillomon
Digiegg: Reliability & Knowledge
Digivice: Yellow
Information: Cody's the youngest of the new DigiDestined, but he's also the most practical of the bunch. He never acts without thinking things through, which can be a problem in the fastpaced DigiWorld.

Name: Davis
Age: 11
Digimon: Veemon
Digiegg: Courage & Friendship
Digivice: Blue
Information: Davis is the natural leader. He's very dependable and full of spunk, but often loses his temper. Davis has a crush on Kari and sees T.K. as his rival. He admires Tai and always wears the goggles Tai gave him.

Name: Kari
Age: 11
Digimon: Gatomon
Crest: Light
Digiegg: Light
Digivice: Pink
Information: Kari's gentle and trusting way sometimes get ger into trouble. However, for the most part, she has good judgement and natural leadership skills.

Name: T.K.
Age: 11
Digimon: Patamon
Crest: Hope
Digiegg: Hope
Digivice: Green
Information: T.K. is now the star player on the basketball team. He makes friends easily and many girls have a cruch on him, although he doesn't know it. His intense curiosity sometimes gets him into trouble.

Name: Yolei
Age: 13
Digimon: Hawkmon
Digiegg: Sincerity & Love
Digivice: Red
Information: Yolei's a mechanical whiz and she's also the oldest of the new DigiDestined. A bit hyper and selfish, she sometimes comes across as a troublemaker. But deep down, Yolei is honest and sensitive. Most people can't help, but like her.

Name: Ken
Age: 11
Digimon: Wormmon
Crest: Kindness
Digivice: Black
Information: Ken used to be The Digimon Emperor. After he realized all the bad things he had done, he help the digidestined to defeat the bad guys. Ken had a brother named Sam who died when he was still young.

Name: Tai
Digimon: Agumon
Crest: Courage
Information: Now in 11 grade, the leader of the old DigiDestined is still as adventurous as ever and still loves to play soccer. Tai sometimes offers advice and guidance to the new DigiDestined. Many of the new kids look up to him-- especiallly Davis.

Name: Sora
Digimon: Biyomon
Crest: Love
Information: Now in high school. Sora is very busy and has more energy than ever! She can be found playing tennis and working in her mother's flower shop. Now older and wiser, Sora is willing to ler others find their own way, although the new DigiDestined appreciate her advice.

Name: Mimi
Digimon: Palmon
Crest: Sincerity
Information: Mimi and her parents moved to America she is in 10th grade. She always sees the best in orders and is willing to give anyone a second chance. Mimi's still a bit bossy, but the younger DigiDestined always enjoy her visits.

Name: Joe
Digimon: Gamamon
Crest: Reliability
Information: The oldest of the original DigiDestined. Joe's now is 12th grade and still wants to become a doctor. He has a better outlook on life, but is still a worrier. Although the other kids tease him for it, his concerns often keep them from harm.

Name: Matt
Digimon: Gabumon
Crest: Friendship
Information: Matt is now in high school and has his own band. He is still a bit rebellious and gets fellings hurt easily, but he's always there when the younger DigiDestined need him.

Name: Izzy
Digimon: Tentomon
Crest: Knowledge
Information: Izzy still loves computers and helps out the computer club at the junior high school. He keeps an eye out while Davis and the other new DigiDestined are in the Digital World.

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