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1. Spread out all 62 DIGI-BATTLE cards face up on a flat surface. Flip a coin to decide who goes first. Players take turns choosing cards, one at a time, until each has created a BATTLE DECK of 30 cards. Put the 2 leftover cards aside. (Note: Players may agree to play with their own previously customized Battle Decks. These can include any 30 different cards. No duplicates.)
2. Each selects a ROOKIE card from the deck, and places it face down on the DUEL ZONE.
3. Each shuffles the remaining 29 cards, deals himself or herself 10, and places the remaining 19 cards face down ONLINE.
4. Each turns over the Rookie card in the Duel Zone.

Players now see which card their opponent has played and note its BATTLE TYPE: (RED),  (GREEN), or (YELLOW). They then refer to the chart on their card showing the amount of DIGIMON POWER they can blast at that type of opponent. The player who displays the higher amount of Digimon Power has the advantage, and, if no more cards are played, wins the Duel.

The players now review the 10 cards in their hand and consider strategy. To increase the amount of Digimon Power you can blast at your opponent, you’ll probably want to Digivolve to the next level. Proceed to the DIGIVOLVE phase.
Tip: When choosing your Battle Deck, make sure to include an evolutionary “tree” of Digimon that can Digivolve to the highest levels. One way to do this is to build backward from Mega level, making sure to pick Digimon that appear in the Digivolve Requirements of the cards you've chosen in descending order. (Hint: To find “family trees” notice the backgrounds behind the Digimon.)
Tip: Make sure to include enough Power Option cards to give yourself Power Options!

In EXAMPLE A, you and your opponent have chosen your Battle Decks, placed your Rookies face down on the Duel Zone, shuffled and dealt yourselves 10 cards each, and placed the remaining cards face down Online. (Fig. 1)

Now, you turn over your Rookies. (Fig. 2) Your opponent has played Rookie TENTOMON with Battle Type (RED), and you have played Rookie OTAMAMON with Battle Type (YELLOW). Compare your DIGIMON POWER. Notice how the amount of Digimon Power is determined by the BATTLE TYPE OF THE OPPONENT. Now you see that your opponent blasts you with Digimon Power of 350, while you respond with Digimon Power of only 120. Your opponent has the advantage!

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