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Digimon The Movie 2000
Digimon The Movie 2000 contains the three Japanese Digimon Movie. Foxkids combined them together the three short Digimon Japanese movies. The threee movies name are: Digimon Adventure, Our War Game, and DigiHurricane Touchdown; Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digimentals. Screenshots

Digimon Adventure
This was the first Digimon movie made in Japan. It is only about 20 minutes long.

The story is about Tai and Kari a few years ago before they were transported to the Digital World. The eight digi-destinies live in Highton View Terrance and they saw the fight between Koromon which digivolve into Greymon and another digimon. That's how their adventure begins.

One night, Tai wakes up to go to the bathroom and finds Kari staring at a glowing Digi-egg on the computer screen. Before their eyes the egg begins to emerge from the screen. The next morning, the egg hatches and out pops Botamon, a strange black animal. It's a Digi-Baby - Botamon, but of course the children don't know that. He soon Digivolves again into Koromon and later that night into Agumon.(This is not that same Agumon we know from the TV show; this one is much bigger, and meaner.) Agumon was riding on Kari's Back then jumps out the window. Tai goes running after it in his PJ's. Then another Digimon appears from the sky. Its a huge, green bird-type Digimon, Parrotmon. He and agumon battle and eventually Agumon Digivolves once more. This time becoming an even larger Dinosaur, Greymon. Greymon manages to destroy the giant bird, but to Kari's dismay the dinosaur disappears too, and the movies ands with Kari calling after her lost friend Koromon. KOROMON!! she yells.

Our War Game
After the tremendous success of Digimon in Japan, there's a new Digimon movie.

This movie takes place after the kids defeated all the bad Digimons and save the world and all that and come back home. Then, after sometimes, a new evil Digimon appears and wreaks haft of the earth's computers. Then the kids go and beat it up some other evil stuff and save the Digiworld and the Real World.

"Our War Game" takes place 6 months after the children leave the Digiworld.  Instead of being Summer Break, it's now Spring Break, and all the children are away, except for Tai, Kari, Izzy and Sora.  Mimi is in Hawaii, Joe is studying for entrance exams into Jr. High and Matt and T.K. are visiting their grandmother in the country. 

It starts out when Izzy sees a glowing digiegg, which suddenly hatches, on his computer screen.  He realizes this can't be good so he goes and tells Tai.  Once Izzy shows Tai the Digimon on his comp, it digivolves once more.  Tai decides to call Sora to warn her, but she's still mad at him over a fight they had earlier, so he gets Izzy to try, but she won't talk to him either.  Just when it looks like the kids have nothing they can do to combat the Digimon, Izzy gets an e-mail from Gennai, who tells him he will transfer Agumon and Tentomon into their computer to fight the Digimon.  But unfortunately the Digimon digivolves again into an even stronger Digimon and Agumon and Tentomon can't defeat it.  As the battle progresses, Izzy receives e-mail from children all over the world who are either sending them words of encouragement or words of discouragemen. Since the Digimon (Diablomon) is made up of all bad things on the internet, he begins eating data which eventually causes trouble all over the world.  When Tai finally gets a hold of Matt and T.K., they find it's quite hard to get access to a computer in the small village they are in, but after what seems to be an eternity, they find one.  Gennai then sends Patamon and Gabumon into the computers to help in the battle.  Agumon and Gabumon eventually warp digivolve into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, but it's still no use, Diablomon is too strong for them, even at the mega level.  It is then that the evil Digimon starts a countdown.  Izzy receives another e-mail from a boy who tells them that when the timer reaches zero, all of America's nuclear missiles will be fired all over the world, causing a nuclear disaster.  Tai and Matt find a way to go inside the computers to revive WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.  The two mega Digimon fuse together to form Omegamon, but even at this new stage, they still cannot beat the evil Digimon.  But, Izzy gets an idea.  He thinks that if they can forward all the e-mail they have received from all the children watching the battle all over the world to the evil Digimon's address, he might be able to slow it down.  Izzy's plan works with only one second left to spare.

DigiHurricane Touchdown; Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digimentals
Even though this is the third digimon movie, it's the first 02 movie. This movie is made up of two mini movies called "Digimon Hurricane Touchdown" and "Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digimentals".

This movie takes place during season 2 of Digimon, Zero Two. This movie is divided into two parts: "Digimon Hurricane Touchdown" and "Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digimentals". This movie hasn't even reached theatres in Japan yet. There will be a new digidestine named Wallace, and he is said to only appear in this movie. Wallace has two Digimon. Their names are Gumimon and Chocomon, and they look practically identical except for their colors. This movie also introduces the Golden Digimentals, which will give two of the Digimon new forms. Its not quite certain yet if the Golden Digimentals will give the Digimon new Champion forms, or whether the Golden Digimentals will allow the Digimon to reach the Ultimate level. Also, two of the old Digimon will reach their Mega forms.

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