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Episode 101-105
Guilmon Comes Alive (Episode 106): Takato and his friends play the Digimon card game and they all enjoy it. One morning, after Takato and his friends played the game, Takato found a mysterious card, a blue card in his card box. Takato is late for school, so he have to sit outside the class waiting. While waiting, Takato decides to sketch his own Digimon character. Later, the blue card turns itself into a digivice. The digivice then reads the sketch and informations of all the papers that Takato sketched on. A new Digimon was born!
Digimon, Digimon Everywhere (Episode 107): After Takato got his Digimon, he dicided to take his Digimon home. Guilmon, Takato's Digimon, is in a box. Takato is tried to carry Guilmon up to his room, but Guilmon is too heavy for Takato. However, they manage to get up into Takato's room. Takato introduct himself as a Digimon Tamer, but Guilmon keep calling Takato as Takatomon. The next day Takato go to school and tells his friends about Guilmon, but no one believed him. The lonely Guilmon is lonely, so Guilmon is trying to find 'Takatomon' by going to school with the box on top of him. Guilmon did found 'Takatomon', but he gave the school a lot of troubles. Takato meet Henry, then Rika. Rika and her Digimon challenge Takato and Guilmon into a battle...
To Fight Or Not To Fight (Episode 108): Rika tells Renamon to attack Guilmon, but after all the direct hits, Guilmon seems to be okay. Guilmon is winning to battle, but stoped after Takato told him to start to listening. Takato and Guilmon united, but Renamon still tries to attack them. Then Henry showed up and stoped Renamon. Rika and Renamon left after Henry arrived; Henry and Takato talk to each other then they went home. The next day when Takato was on his way to visits Guilmon and then he saw government's trucks and got worried. When Takato and Guilmon walk on the street, people asked about Guilmon and Takato told them that Guilmon is a costom he made and his friend is inside the costum. The digivice is beeping and the screen turns red, suddently, Guilmon ran to a packing lot. They met Rika then Guilmon and Renamon starting to fight again! Henry showed up with Terriermon and Terriermon digivolve into his champion form. Gargomon went out of control and tried to hurt Rika, but Takato told Guilmon to stop Gargomon just in time to save Rika.
It Came From The Other Side (Episode 109): With Terriermon as Gargomon, Henry cannot bring his digimon home. Takato is wondering what would Guilmon digivolve into, then decided to draw Growthmon, Guilmon's champion form. The next day when Takato and Henry met each other, they saw a white digital field and started to run away from it. The digital field chase Henry and Terriermon to a big building then Gorillamon appears before their eyes with a desire to fight. Henry remembered his past before he got Terriermon and remembered how it is his own fault. With the help of Takato and Guilmon, Terriermon defeat Gorillamon. Terriermon is about to absorb Gorillamon's data, but Henry told Terriermon that he does not want Terriermon to do that and hoped Gorillamon is back to where it came from.
(Episode 110):

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