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Episode 61-65
Guardian Angel (Episode 61): The kids continue to destroy Control Spires throughout the Digital World. In one area, they are attacked by an army of Guardramon. Everyone but Kari is able to escape back to the real world. Kari uses her digivice to trigger Andromon's memory of her, since he is now under the Emperor's control. It works! Andromon destroys his Dark Ring and the dark tower. Ken realizes he must obtain the digivices if he's to defeat the kids once and for all.
Ken's Secret (Episode 62): Cody discovers that another Control Spire has been erected in the DigiWorld. When the gang sets out to explore, the evil Digimon Emperor takes everyone but Davis and Veemon hostage. Digmon, Pegasmon, Horusmon, and Nefertimon come to the rescue. We learn that the "hostages" were actually four Bakemon in disguise. Veemon and the other Digimon battle the Bakemon and destroy the Control Spire. Davis realizes that the Emperor is Ken Ichijouji.
The Emperor's New Home (Episode 63): Ken runs away from home to the DigiWorld. The DigiDestined go to confront him and are instantly attacked by Meramon. Ken attempts to capture Greymon, but Greymon digivolves into SkullGreymon, destroys the Control Spire, and defeats the Meramon and the Dark Tyrannomon Ken summoned. SkullGreymon then collapses and reverts to his Agumon form and is captured by Ken.
The Captive Digimon (Episode 64): Everyone but Yolei goes to the DigiWorld to rescue Agumon. Meanwhile, the evil Digimon Emperor experiments on Agumon and in the process, creates the Dark Spiral. In the Real World, Yolei receives word of Agumon's whereabouts and relays the message to the DigiDestined. Wormmon sets Agumon free, but the Emperor recaptures him with the use of the Dark Spiral. Yolei and Matt arrive and join the others to recover Agumon.
The Storm of Friendship (Episode 65): Using his Dark Rings, Ken transforms Agumon into MetalGreymon. Meanwhile, the DigiDestined and their Digimon are in hot pursuit. The kids encounter a mysterious digivice engraved with the Crest of Friendship. Garurumon attempts to remove the Control Rings from MetalGreymon, to no avail. The digivice responds when Davis realizes he must send his Digimon to battle MetalGreymon in the name of friendship. Raidramon double armor digivolves, destroying MetalGreymon's Control Rings and allowing him to digivolve back to Agumon.

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