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Episode 56-60
The DigiTeam Complete (Episode 56): Davis and Veemon are captured by the Digimon Emperor. He has Davis' digivice and D-terminal, so Veemon can't armor digivolve. Yolei and Cody find two DigiEggs and are introduced to their own Digimon. The new Digimon armor digivolve and come to Davis and Veemon's rescue. Flamedramon joins them to free Snimon, Mojyamon, and Drimogimon from their Dark Rings.
A New Digitude (Episode 57): The kids see a news broadcast about Ken Ichijouji, a boy genius who won a computer programming contest. In the DigiWorld, the Digimon Emperor captures Elecmon and tries to make him fight other Digimon. The DigiDestined arrive in the DigiWorld and detect more DigiEggs. The Emperor attacks them and says that he is the only DigiDestined. Tyrannoman attacks the kids, but T.K. and Kari find the DigiEggs, allowing their Digimon to armor digivolve. Tyrannoman is defeated. Cody is determined to find out the Emperor's identity.
Iron Veggiemon (Episode 58): The Digimon Emperor and his Veggiemon slaves capture a village where Gabumon and a tribe of Gazimon are living. Luckily, the kids come to the rescue. In the process, they discover a mysterious dark tower that holds the secret to the Dark Ring's power. Once the tower is destroyed, the Emperor's spell is broken. Back in the real world, Izzy determines that there are a large number of these towers (Control Spires) that need to be destroyed.
Old Reliable (Episode 59): The kids go to rescue Gomamon in the frozen wasteland of the Digital World. While there, they spot another Control Spire. Gomamon and Digmon are met by the Digimon Emperor's slaves and must armor digivolve to defeat them and destroy the Control Spire.
Family Picnic (Episode 60): Mimi arrives from America for a visit and meets the new DigiDestined kids. The gang has an afternoon picnic, which is cut short when they are suddenly transported to the Digital World. There, they have to destroy the Control Spire and battle their way back to the real world. Amidst the chaos, Mimi has a very tearful and joyous reunion with Palmon.

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