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Episode 11-15
The Dancing Digimon (Episode 11): Adrift at sea, Joe and Gomamon are attacked by Ogremon, but Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon and defeats him. Soon after the fight, the two are rescued from their sinking craft by Sora and Biyomon, who pull them back to shore. Travelling on, the four come upon a church service. The pastor leading the service and his parishioners are ghosts called Bakemon. Gomamon and Biyomon digivolve to Ikkakumon and Birdramon to fight the Bakemon, and with the help of some quick thinking by Joe, they defeat him. With the threat ended, the two kids and their Digimon go off in search of their friends.
Digibaby Boom (Episode 12): T.K. and Patamon, still separated from the others, arrive at Primary Village, which is full of bright colors, fun shapes and lots of Baby Digimon. Elecmon, caretaker of the Baby Digimon and Digieggs, shows up and fights with Patamon. When the babies start crying, though, T.K. convinces the Digimon to settle their differences in a tug of war, which Patamon wins. As a result of the duel, T.K., Patamon and Elecmon learn the value of joining together and sense that when their hearts are as one, the shattered File Island will return to normal. Devimon, of course, has other plans for the kids and the Digital World.
The Legend Of The Digidestined (Episode 13): T.K. and Patamon are attacked by Leomon and Ogremon. The rest of the kids arrive and use their Digivices-devices that destroy Black Gears-on Leomon, returning him to his good self. Leomon tells the kids of the legend of the "DigiDestined," who will bring peace to the island. The kids realize they might be able to return home if they destroy Devimon, so they go after him. When it becomes clear that the Digimon aren't powerful enough to defeat Devimon, even in their digivolved states, Patamon digivolves to Angemon. He uses all his power to destroy Devimon and devolves into a Digiegg.
Departure For A New Continent (Episode 14): Gennai asks the kids to come to the continent of Server to defeat his enemies. He tells them that if they can find certain tags and crests that Devimon hid, their Digimon will be able to digivolve to the next level. The kids and their Digimon sail a raft to Server, but they're swallowed by Whamon en route. They remove a Black Gear from Whamon's stomach, and in return he takes them to where Devimon hid the tags. The kids and their Digimon defeat Drimogemon, remove his Black Gear, and recover the tags.
The Dark Network Of Etemon (Episode 15): The kids arrive at Server and encounter a village inhabited by Pagumon, tricksters who, with the help of the Gazimon, have imprisoned the real inhabitants of the village, the Koromon. The kids rescue the Koromon and the Pagumon leave, but Etemon and his Dark Network appear and destroy the village. When the Digimon try to digivolve to fight him, Etemon stops them with his rock 'n' roll Concert Crush. The kids and their Digimon are forced to flee into a cave, where Tai finds the Crest of Courage.

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