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Episode 91-95
Kyoto Dragon (Episode 91): With BlackWarGreymon temporarily stopped short of destroying the last Destiny Stone, the DigiDestined turn to face the Destiny Stone and do the only thing they can think of to save it... try to move it out of harms way using their Digivices. Instead, however, the light from their devices affects the Destiny Stone in a unique way, summoning Azulongmon, the Digimon equivalent of the Earth dragon, Seiryu. Just like Seiryu protects Kyoto and the DigiDestined's world, so Azulongmon protects the Digital World. BlackWarGreymon shakes off his attackers to face off against Azulongmon, but the dragon simply brushes him off without breaking a sweat. He informs BlackWarGreymon that he has a purpose and a destiny, but it isn't the destruction of the Destiny Stones or to combat him. He leaves in a huff, determined to yet find his purpose for living. Azulongmon turns to the DigiDestined and shares his wisdom with them and the fact that the Control Spires' purpose is to bind him and disturb the balance that he protects. The DigiDestined are now even more determined to make sure the last of the Control Spires fall.
A Merry Digi Christmas (Episode 92): While the DigiDestined destroy Control Spires in the Digital World, Arukenimon and Mummymon appear to be working on some new master plans. Ken decides to hold a Christmas Party, but when it comes time to actually invite his new friends, he grows shy and uncertain if he can go through with it. But when Davis forces his hand, Ken seems glad and honored that his new friends do want to join him during the holidays. Ken approaches Cody, and the tense relationship they have relaxes a little as each of them look at each other and the invitation is extended and Cody accepts. The new DigiDestined decide to surprise the old DigiDestined with the perfect Christmas gift for each of them... their Digimon pals in the real world! Needless to say, all of them are overly excited by this gift. Meanwhile, a new enemy is introduced, speaking with T.K.'s mother and telling her that he's been watching the DigiDestined since their very first encounter with Digimon, four years ago!
Dramon Power (Episode 93): The Control Spire are everywhere and both the real world and Digital World is in great danger. The DigiDestined were to assemply at Izzy's house, but Davis decided to help Ken. Gennai comes back to the real world and bringing one of the 12 digicore with him. When the Digicore power is released, Paildramon digivolve into his Mega form, Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon with Davis and Ken go around Japan to return all Digimon into the Digital World.
Digimon World Tour, Part 1 (Episode 94): First, Ken, Matt, and Davis were dropped off in Miami, but Ken and Matt took the helicopter to Mexico. Davis met up with Michael and they took a jet to New York. They met up with Mimi in the Central Park and everyone was gathering there. All of the digidestined of America came and gathered the lost Digimon at the park to transport them back to the Digital World. A couple of them had problem handling Cherrimon, and Davis, Mimi, and Michael came to the rescue. They meet up with each other and soon after, they had everything under control. They were able to transport the Digimon back to the DigiWorld. On the other hand, Kari and Izzy went to Hong Kong to meet up with the digidestined there. They met three brothers who really are weird. After that, they went and help an Indian girl who tried to cross the India-China border to get to Hong Kong.
Digimon World Tour, Part 2 (Episode 95): Joe, and Cody went to Australia and tried to destroy all of the control spires. They encounter a Santa Clause, but he turns out to be "another Genai look alike" and together, they fought against the Digimon who confuse and loss. That's basically it plus they met a few more digidestined. Tai, and T.K. went to Paris, and they were lost. T.K. asked his grandpa to come and help them. When T.K.'s grandpa came, they drove on a motocycle and they stoped in front of the versaille gate. T.K.'s grandpa demanded to go in and investigate what's the reason there is no guard in front of the gates, and that the gates are widely open. They sneaked in and saw three digimon, and a digidestined girl and her partner. They tried to be heros, and scramble in to rescue the girl, then a fight broke out and they won.

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