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Episode 81-85
Fusion Confusion (Episode 81): While Okuwamon and Paildramon battle, the DigiDestined rush into the fallen base to try and stop the pending massive explosion. Davis and Ken work together to get to the center of the base where Ken climbs up and replaces his crest, but the overload of the reactor continues! The DigiDestined follow the power supply pipes back to their source where they discover a gateway/reactor drawing on the darkness for a source of its energy. All looks impossible when Paildramon finishes off Okuwamon and rushes in to lay waste to the reactor. The DigiDestined escape and Izzy briefs them on how DNA Digivolving works and why the old DigiDestined can't digivolve to Ultimate anymore.
The Insect Master's Trap (Episode 82): Arukenimon has had enough of the DigiDestined, so she plans the perfect trap. The DigiDestined, knowing it is a trap, consider it their best opportunity to take her out once and for all. However, as they approach Giga House, a house that makes them look as big as an ant, they soon are swarmed by hundreds of Insectoid Digimon! Roachmon, Flymon, Snimon... are just a few of the many insects that seem to have infested this house. While the DigiDestined get seperated, Davis, Ken, and Cody discover Arukenimon playing a flute in a room all alone. She laughs at them as her flute's song takes control of Stingmon and Digmon as they turn on ExVeemon! All looks bad, but then it gets worse as Digmon cracks the floor right out from under the three. The kids discover that they are trapped in a large spider web... belonging to a hungry Dokugumon.
Arukenimon's Tangled Web (Episode 83): With Davis, Cody, and Ken trapped in a web, they try desperately to call the others for help... but they too are trapped by the swarm of insects. With Dokugumon crawling closer, Cody notices an air-conditioner. With Ken and Davis working together, they perform a perfect soccer assist to score and blow Dokugumon away! Locking themselves in the safety of a drawer, they get the idea to create a counter-song against Arukenimon's flute. Yolei joins T.K. and Kari and they startup the computer, using a sound program to sample and invert the sound waves. They disrupt Arukenimon's song, and in anger she shows her true Digimon form! The DigiDestined take the opportunity to defeat her... except they didn't count on Mummymon rescuing her at the last second.
Ultimate Anti-Hero (Episode 84): With Mummymon assisting Arukenimon, the two devise a plan to create the ultimate Digimon with 100 control spires. While the DigiDestined destroy rows of spires, Cody and Ken realize they just can't get along and Ken leaves the DigiDestined once more. Ken is determined that if he isn't accepted, he won't stay where he isn't wanted. Meanwhile, Arukenimon finds an area where they haven't started their destructive ways yet and creates BlackWarGreymon! This Mega-level Digimon handily defeats the DigiDestined before abandoning his loyalty to Arukenimon... after all, she's so weak compared to him.
Opposites Attract (Episode 85): Kari and Yolei seperate from the rest of the group while they search for Gatomon's Tail Ring, hoping it will help her becoming a tougher kitty as she says it would. While doing so, Kari hears Ken scream in the forest. They run to catch up with him, and shortly find themselves walking straight into a phase warp to the Darkness Dimension. Davis thinks he hears them call for help, but simply walks right through Kari. The three soon find themselves once again on the beach of the Dark Ocean where Kari had been once before. She realizes by the way Ken is acting that he too has been to this same shore as Ken remembers dipping his Digivice into these waters. Arukenimon sees her chance and sends Blossomon to attack the three, but Yolei snaps Kari out of her fear with a slap and their Digimon DNA Digivolve into Silphymon!

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