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Episode 76-80
Davis Cries Wolfmon (Episode 76): Determined to help rebuild the Digital World after the end of the Digimon Emperor's reign, the DigiDestined head there and start rebuilding efforts. Each DigiDestined heads to different areas of File Island and help the local Digimon, except Davis gets another idea when he thinks that if he could get Veemon to Digivolve, Kari would like him more. He convinces Veemon that Gatomon would like him more if he learned to Digivolve too, and even goes so far as to start setting up traps and dangerous falls in an effort to force Veemon to reach the next level. But as he tries desperately, Veemon gets angered at Davis and starts chasing him for a little payback! That's when the real trouble begins and Veemon soon finds himself in a position where Davis' life truly is in jeopardy and he Digivolves to the next level... Exveemon!
Genesis of Evil (Episode 77): As Ken lays in bed and his parents worry, he realizes that he's lost his heart and feels a great emptiness inside him. He doesn't know how or where to look for what feels misplaced and forgotten about. He recalls his childhood and how he lived in his brother's shadow constantly, wishing for his parent's love and appreciation and recognition; but they were too enthralled with having Ken's older brother as a genius for a child. Ken wished his brother would just disappear, and one day he did just that... when he was killed in an accident. Snatching the Digivice that had come out of his brother's computer before the accident, Ken went into the Digital World to lose himself there after receiving a mysterious email. He followed the emails directions and his Digivice was tainted with Darkness. He started to live like he was his brother, and his life quickly spun out of control. He then realized what he had to do after recognizing how great a monster he had become. He went in search of Wormmon to rediscover his heart. In Primary Village, Leafmon was reborn as Ken reclaimed his heart of kindness.
If I had a Tail Hammer (Episode 78): The DigiDestined seek to continue their cleanup efforts when Davis notices that Veemon can no longer Digivolve to Exveemon! Thinking he has forgotten how, Davis keeps at him, while T.K. and Kari sneak off to see if Gatomon and Patamon can Digivolve. Finding that they can't, they begin to wonder if the Control Spires have somehow become active again. Cody and Armadillomon go underground for a digging errand when they run into Thundermon. Armadillomon digivolves to the Champion level, Ankylomon, to protect Cody. As they reemerge from beneath the earth, everyone is amazed to discover that Cody's Digimon had managed to digivolve. Just then, a strange new Digimon enters the fray with Thundermon and defeats the little ball of electricity. As everyone watches, Ken holds out his hand, catching the big Digimon as it digivolves back into Wormmon! Ken has been chasing after a mysterious woman... just who is she?
Spirit Needle (Episode 79): The evil woman has been going around and casting some sort of ritualistic spell on the control spires, turning their darkness into Digimon! This time, she molds a control spire into the image of a Rockmon, giving it the instruction to destroy the dam and flood the city beneath. The DigiDestined race to stop her, throwing everything they've got at the beast, but nothing seems to work. Ken shows up again and Wormmon digivolves into Stingmon, but even he can't seem to defeat the Rockmon by himself. Hawkmon digivolves into Aquilamon, and working with Stingmon, the two manage to crush the rocky exterior of the molded control spire.
United We Stand (Episode 80): The Spider Woman, Arukenimon, is at it again. This time she transforms a Control Spire into Minotarumon. Ordering it to attack the bridge the DigiDestined just rebuilt, it proves to be an easy challenge for the DigiDestined team. However, Izzy notices some massive explosions happening in another part of the Digital World. The children rush to where the Digimon Emperor's base fell and see it overloading! Davis gets the idea to call Ken to have him place his Crest of Kindness back where it belongs inside the base. Ken shows up while the DigiDestined fight Okuwamon, which is proving too much for any of them. Exveemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolve into Paildramon!

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