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Episode 71-75
Ghost of a Chance (Episode 71): As the anniversary of the DigiDestined's defeat of Myotismon approaches, the Odaiba television station goes on the fritz with people seeing a ghost everywhere. When the whole team, old and new DigiDestined combined, meet up, they talk about the anniversary. When the group goes to the television station, they find that the ghost is actually Wizardmon, the Digimon that sacrificed his life to save Gatomon and Kari from Myotismon's attack. He has been searching for Gatomon to tell her that "Kindness will release the Golden Radiance" and that kindness alone won't be able to defeat the darkness.
Run Yolei Run (Episode 72): Izzy and Cody discover the Emperor's base, but when the DigiDestined go back to attack it, there is nothing left but a crater. Yolei wants to prove herself and save the day by being the one who defeats the Emperor and rushes forward, but her stubborn gets Hawkmon hurt. Yolei, Hawkmon, Kari, and Gatomon stay behind while the others go in search of where the base went. The Digimon Emperor, in the meantime, prepares his ultimate program... Kimeramon!
An Old Enemy Returns (Episode 73): With the Digimon Emperor's plan nearly complete, he looks to finish his creation with tidbits of even more powerful Digimon. As he investigates the sea, he discovers a dark whirlpool where Ken gets into the headpiece of a Mekanorimon and dives into the center of the whirlpool. There he runs into Devimon in the darkness! He captures Devimon and adds the dark Digimon's arms to his creation, finishing his blueprints and bringing Kimeramon to life! The DigiDestined prove to have little chance against this beast, until Davis discovers that the Digimon Emperors base is running on the power of a DigiEgg!
The Darkness Before Dawn (Episode 74): With Kimeramon in his control, there is no stopping the Digimon Emperor now! He wreaks havoc by destroying towns with Kimeramon and follows his beast with his flying base, setting up control spires everywhere. The DigiDestined decide they have to try to do something, so infiltrate the Emperor's base. Unfortunately, Kimeramon proves to be too much for all of them, even when they attack together! Davis, however, unwilling to give up goes in search of something to help them stop the beast. Wormmon helps Davis find the central power source of the Digimon Emperor's base... a Golden DigiEgg with the Crest of Kindness on it. Davis takes the DigiEgg and Veemon Golden Armor Digivolves into Magnamon.
The Crest of Kindness (Episode 75): As Magnamon and Kimeramon duel, the DigiDestined run into the Digimon Emperor, Ken, and Wormmon. They try to convince him of the fact that this isn't just a computer virtual reality, but that the Digital World is real and the Digimon are alive. He refuses to believe it and as his base goes down he escapes on the back of a Devidramon. Magnamon starts to tire as Kimeramon snags him in his SkullGreymon hand. All looks like the end, when Wormmon realizes that it is up to him to save Ken from himself and the darkness that has been consuming him. Wormmon kicks Ken off into the sand and takes Devidramon up to attack Kimeramon. No match for Kimeramon in his current form, he gets defeated easily, but gives the remainder of his life energy to Magnamon, who accepts it reluctantly, only asking that Magnamon defeats Kimeramon for Ken. He does so, and Ken starts to realize the friend that he has lost in Wormmon, who disintegrates. Ken abandons the Emperor clothes he constructed, returning to the Ken that first found the Digital World, realizing the errors of his ways. The DigiDestined ask him to join them, but he simply returns to his home in the real world, still in shock by what he has done.

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