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Episode 66-70
The Good, the Bad, and the Digi (Episode 66): On a mission to rescue Biyomon, Sora and the others find themselves in an old western town. There, they must duel with the likes of the evil Starmon and Deputymon. Flamedramon destroys a Control Spire and Starmon is released from his Evil Ring. The Emperor vows to get revenge.
His Master's Voice (Episode 67): Kari is summoned to a beach in the DigiWorld to free the Hangymon from the Emperor. Kari frees them from their tunnel. Airdramon attacks the beach. Kari contacts Pegasusmon and Angewoman, who defeat Airdramon. Angewoman frees the Hangymon from their Dark Rings. The Hangymon reveal that they want Kari to be their queen and fight the Dark Undersea Master. Kari declines. The Dark Undersea Master begins to rise from the depths of the ocean.
Samurai of Sincerity (Episode 68): The DigiDestined head off in search of a DigiEgg they discover on their D3's when their hunger gets the better of them. They find a DigiDiner and have a good meal, but when they are asked to pay the bill by Digitamamon, they don't have any DigiDollars to pay with! Digitamamon tells them that they are going to have to work it off, and T.K. suddenly remembers this is the same place that Joe and Matt once were forced to work at years ago. Thankfully, Mimi and Michael, a new DigiDestined from America and a friend of hers, arrive to save the day and Mimi convinces Digitamamon to give them the meal free. The group is then attacked by Gorillamon and Michael's Digimon, Betamon, digivolves to Seadramon to take out the dark spiral controlled Digimon. Digitamamon returns to settle the score with the group after getting a dark spiral stuck in his shell. Yolei finally realizes the value of being sincere with people and not judging an egg by its shell and Hawkmon is able to Armor Digivolve to Shurimon using the DigiEgg of Sincerity to take out Digitamamon.
Big Trouble in Little Edo (Episode 69): The Digimon Emperor keeps advancing his empire, putting up more Control Spires to take over the Digital World. The DigiDestined choose to go an assault mission to free some of the Digital World from the Digimon Emperor's Control and they end up in an old Japanese town from the Samurai age. There, they run into Ninjamon, who Shurimon faces off with in a battle of honor to find out who is the best Ninja. The children run into the Gekomon who are hiding underground when ShogunGekomon is bound by a Dark Spiral. The DigiDestined race out of their underground hideout and trick ShogunGekomon into destroying the Control Spire to release the inhabitants from their Dark Rings. But, it takes all of the DigiDestined Digimon to stop ShogunGekomon and remove his Dark Spiral.
20,000 Digi-leagues Under the Sea (Episode 70): While searching for a DigiEgg, the DigiDestined run into MegaSeadramon who traps them inside of an oil platform beneath the sea. Forced to seal the area they are in to stop the place from flooding, they are stuck with a dwindling air supply. An emergency pod lets one person escape and the group volunteers Cody, who expressed his past nightmares of being trapped beneath the ocean. Cody rushes to the real world to find Joe to help rescue the others with Ikkakumon. While Cody is away, the others discover the DigiEgg of Reliability and tell Cody to take it when he comes to rescue them. Armadillomon Armor Digivolves to Submarimon and, teamed up with Ikkakumon, takes out MegaSeadramon.

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