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Episode 6-10
Togemon In Toy Town (Episode 6): Following an underground passage, the kids are attacked by a group of sewer-dwelling Numemon. They escape, only to end up in Toy Town, where they are captured by a giant Teddy Bear Digimon, Monzaemon. The Numemon, one of whom has a crush on Mimi, come to their rescue, and when Palmon digivolves to the giant cactus form of Togemon, they defeat Monzaemon, who had been controlled by one of the evil Black Gears.
Harpoon Topedo (Episode 7): The kids are trying to decide whether they should climb a mountain to get a view of the island, but while they argue, Joe decides to climb it by himself. He is followed by Gomamon, and they're attacked by Unimon, who is controlled by a Black Gear. Sora, Tai and Birdramon show up to help them, but when Birdramon is knocked out, Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon and destroys the Black Gear. Unimon flies off, and the kids climb to the top of the mountain and see that there are no other islands in sight.
Evil Shows His Face (Episode 8): Leomon, a powerful Good Digimon, is struck by a Black Gear, making him a slave to Devimon, the ruler of the Bad Digimon. Devimon orders Leomon and Ogremon, a mighty Bad Digimon, to attack the "DigiDestined"-the kids. The the kids and their Digimon hold them off long enough to escape and hide in a luxury hotel, but the hotel turns out to be a trick of Devimon's, and the exhausted group is again attacked. The kids are saved when Sora's Digivice transforms Leomon back to his good nature, and he detains Ogremon while they escape.
Subzero Ice Punch (Episode 9): Tai and Agumon become marooned in Freeze Land, where they encounter the snowman Yukidarumon, who is controlled by a Black Gear. When Agumon and Tai free Yukidarumon, he leads them to another frozen island, where they find Matt and Gabumon. As Matt and Tai try to decide what to do next, they're attacked by another Black Gear-controlled creature, Mojamon. Their Digimon digivolve to Greymon and Garurumon and destroy the Black Gear. With the threat ended, the group notices that Infinite Mountain is drawing near again.
A Clue From The Digi-Past (Episode 10): Mimi and Palmon are accosted by Sukamon and Chuumon, two Digimon who want to kiss Mimi. Fleeing, they come across Izzy and Tentomon. While Izzy tries to decipher the hieroglyphs in some jungle ruins, Mimi and Tentomon wander off and are attacked by Centarumon, a Black Gear-possessed Digimon. Izzy arrives and restores Centarumon to his good self, and Centarumon tells them that their Digivices resemble a legendary mystical weapon against evil. Leomon arrives to attack the kids, but they escape with Centarumon's help.

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