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Episode 51-55
The Crest Of Friendship (Episode 51): Joe and Gomamon are on the lookout for Matt, when they discover his boat. Meanwhile, without much success, WarGreymon battles Piedmon. The kids realize they can't defeat Piedmon without the whole group. Lost in a cave, Matt decides that he is not needed, Gabumon comforts him and helps him realize that his friends need him as much as he needs them. They find their way out of the cave. Sora finds Matt's boat, but becomes depressed when she doesn't find Matt himself. She and Biyomon are sucked into the same cave by black mist. Matt, Joe, and the others climb down there to find her. Matt convinces her that the cave is a result of her depression and she must fight back to break free. She does and the cave disappears. The group goes to help Tai defeat Piedmon. Matt's Digimon gains strength when he realizes that he and Tai are closer friends than ever.
Peidmon's Last Jest ( Episode 52 ): The kids and their Digimon try to destroy Piedmon, but he begins turning them all into key chains, except Kari and T.K. T.K. calls on Angemon, who digivolves into MagnaAngemon and saves the two kids. MagnaAngemon turns the key chain kids back to normal. Piedmon attacks again with his army of Vilemon, but Mimi arrives with her army of Digimon, who are able to defeat the evil forces. Gennai sends an e-mail explaining that the real enemy is the force that created the Dark Masters. Right then, the ground starts to quake and the Spiral Mountain begins to glow.
Now Apocalymon ( Episode 53 ): Spiral Mountain begins to crumble and the kids are suspended in darkness. Gennai explains that the evil that created the Dark Masters came from the Wall of Fire. He tells an ancient story about a strange being who walked across the Wall of Fire and threatened the collapse of the Digital World. There were original DigiDestined children who defeated the evil the first time. The kids were summoned because a new evil stepped out from behind the fire. There's a prophecy that this evil will plunge the world into darkness, which is where the kids are currently floating. The transmission cuts out before Gennai can reveal the identity of the evil force. The villain soon appears in the form of Apocalymon, who has the attacks of all the evil Digimon the kids defeated in the past. He crushes their crests and disables the Digimon's ability to digivolve. He sends the kids and their Digimon to the world of data. The kids' faith in themselves restores the power of their crests. They return to their original forms and are ready to battle Apocalymon.
Fate Of Two Worlds ( Episode 54 ): Just as Apocalymon launches his Total Annihilation attack, the children's power within causes their digivices to contain the blast. Apocalymon is defeated. Gennai arrives and explains that the DigiWorld will start over, beginning with File Island. The kids arrive on File Island and decide to stay until summer vacation is over because time is slower in the Digital World. Gennai explains that with the defeat of Apolcalymon, the two worlds now exist at the same rate of time. The portal to transport them back to the real world will soon close. Each DigiDestined and his Digimon say their goodbyes. T.K. and Kari somehow know they will meet again soon. Tai says he will never forget the Digimon and knows that someday they will be reunited.
Enter Flamedramon (Episode 55): Four years have passed. Back in the real world, Kari and T.K meet three new DigiDestined kids: Davis, Yolei, and Cody. Meanwhile, in the DigiWorld, a boy who calls himself the Digimon Emperor is hunting down Digimon and turning them into his evil slaves with his Dark Digivice. Tai e-mails the kids in the real world to come for help. When they arrive, the Digimon Emperor sends Monochromon to attack them. Davis alleviates the problem by lifting the DigiEgg of Courage.

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