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Episode 46-50
Etemon's Comeback Tour (Episode 46): Ogremon is being chased by a tribe of Woodmon who are trying to steal his power. A meteor crashes down, scaring the Woodmon away and Ogremon is trapped under a tree. Joe and Mimi rescue him and nurse him back to health. Ogremon is touched by their kindness and becomes their friend. The kids explore Puppetmon's mansion. Puppetmon finds Joe and Mimi and MetalEtemon appears. While Puppetmon and MetalEtemon fight, Tai and the group meet the mansion guards who despise Puppetmon. One of the guards agrees to lead a cannon attack against Puppetmon. Ogremon tells Joe and Mimi that he wants to destroy Leomon. MetalEtemon finds the kids hiding in a tree and chases them through the jungle. A creature that resembles Leomon appears during the chase.
Ogremon's Hero (Episode 47): Mimi and Joe encounter SaberLeomon. He takes them to a safe hiding place with Ogremon. They meet up with Otamamon and Gekomon. Puppetmon challenges the other kids and leads them to a crowd of nasty Red Vegiemon, whom they destroy. Puppetmon is angered and makes his house come to life and tries to crush the kids. MetalEtemon confronts Leomon, who digivolves back to SaberLeomon and they fight. Ikkakumon super-digivolves to Zudomon to help destroy MetalEtemon. Puppetmon tries to enlist MetalGarurumon to attack the kids, but he refuses and destroys Puppetmon. A dying Leomon tells Mimi that he will come back to life in the Village of the Beginnings, which has been demolished. Ogremon, Mimi, and Joe vow to defeat the Dark Masters and restore the Village.
My Sister's Keeper (Episode 48): As Tai and the others wander the desert, Kari collapses, ill. Tai becomes very upset and the others learn that years ago, Kari almost died because of Tai's negligence. Kabuterimon leads them to a deserted city where Kari can rest, while Tai goes to find medicine for her. With Izzy's Internet skills, they finally track the medicine down, only to find that Izzy's computer has led Machinedramon's evil forces to them. Izzy uses his computer to throw them off track and he and Tai manage to escape. They return to the others-- just in time to see their temporary home obliterated in a missile attack. The others got out in time and a happy reunion is shared by all. Machinedramon appears. The kids run into a building and Machinedramon causes it to crumble on top of them.
The Crest Of Light (Episode 49): The kids have fallen into the sewers beneath Machinedramon's city. Sora, Biyomon, and Patamon find Kari, T.K., and Gatomon, as Kari awakens from her fever. Izzy, Tai, and their Digimon landed somewhere else. As Kari's group searches for Tai's group, they run into WaruMonzaemon, who has enslaved the Numeron. A strange light emerges from Kari, which makes the Digimon stronger than ever. With Kari leading, the group overtakes WaruMonzaemon and frees the Numeron. The group decides to follow the light, hoping it will lead them to Tai and the others. Machinedramon destroys WarMonzaemon. Tai, Izzy, and their Digimon look for Kari's group. They run into Andromon and are attacked by Machinedramon. Soon after, they run into their friends. The strength of Kari's light enables WarGreymon to defeat Machinedramon.
Joe's Battle (Episode 50): Tai and his crew are confronted with the powerful and ruthless LadyDevimon. Tai divides his forces, sending Sora and T.K. to find the others. Mimi and Joe find Elecmon in the destroyed Village of Beginnings and convince him to join their cause. Suddenly, Joe announces that he and Gomamon are going off for a while to find their place in the world. Meanwhile, with WarGreymon's help, Tai and his crew defeat LadyDevimon. But there is no time for celebration, as they are immediately faced with a far deadlier foe: Piedmon, the last of the Dark Masters.

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