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Episode 41-15
Seasick And Tired (Episode 41): Piximon sacrifices himself trying to save the digidestined from Piedmon. Our heroes find themselves back in the Digiworld, on the shores of MetalSeadramon's ocean domain. Shellmon attacks them, but they defeat him with little difficulty. MetalSeadramon sends his henchman, Scorpiomon. He and his evil master nearly succeed in barbecuing the kids and their Digimon. They're only saved when Togemon and Ikkakumon warp-digivolve into Lillymon and Zudomon. It's a close call, and Tai and the others doubt that the Digimons' abilities have developed enough to defeat their enemies. As if to prove it, Metal Seadramon reappears.
Under Presure (Episode 42): After Whamon and the Digidestined escaped, MetalSeadramon and his henchmen, the Divermon, set out to find them. Izzy discovers that War Greymon has the ability to destroy Dramon type of Digimon, like MetalSeadramon. The Divermon find and attack Whamon, who takes them on a deep pressure chase towards the bottom of the sea. The Divermon can't follow that deeply so the kids escape, temporarily. Using a makeshift SONAR device, Izzy finds a tunnel that leads to safety. However, Metal Seadramon intercepts them before they have a chance to escape. Whamon burrows his way through the tunnel and winds up safely in a bay, near land. But, Metal Seadramon has followed them through and attacks. Agumon warp digivolves into War Greymon, who attacks MetalSeadramon. The episode ends as "To Be Continued"...
Pinocchiimon's Deadly Game (Episode 43): MetalSeadramon is about to destroy WarGreymon, but Whamon swims in front and takes the deadly blast. WarGreymon then destroys MetalSeadramon with his own River of Power. Tai is excited to fight the other Dark Masters. Puppetmon devises an evil plan to destroy the kids. He makes voodoo dolls of the kids and separates Matt and T.K. from the others. Puppetmon corners T.K. and Kiwimon attacks the other kids. T.K. tricks Puppetmon and smashes his voodoo dolls. The Digimon defeat Kiwimon. Puppetmon swears revenge on T.K. Matt strangely vanishes.
Yamato And The Forest Of Delusion (Episode 44): Tai and the others search for Matt, who's mysteriously walked out on the group. Matt is uncertain of his role in the group and is frustrated that the others are getting stronger and more confident. Cherrymon, a sinister and clever tree-like Digimon finds Matt in this vulnerable condition and convinces him that he must defeat Tai if he's ever to fulfill his potential. Meanwhile, Puppetmon and his nasty henchmen, the Garbagemon, attack the others. They have their hands full until Matt and MetalGarurumon suddenly appear and ice the last of their attackers. Then, to the others' amazement, MetalGarurumon turns on Tai's Digimon, Agumon and challenges him to a fight.
The Ultimate Clash (Episode 45): Matt and Tai have a heated argument. Matt doesn't understand why the kids were chosen to be DigiDestined and wants to leave. MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon start to fight. Matt and Tai begin to fist fight. Everyone starts to get upset and several Digimon begin to get cross with each other. Puppetmon laughs because this was his plan all along. A friendly entity takes over Kari's body. All the kids and their Digimon are suddenly flying into the sky. Kari (the entity): explains that they are surrounded by computer img from the past. The kids are taken through the past and are shown how they were chosen to be DigiDestined. The crests represent the best quality that each child had four years ago. If that trait is lost, a Digimon can become corrupted. After the story, Kari returns to her body. Matt wants to be alone and leaves. Mimi wants to stay put and not move on with the group. Joe stays with her. The rest go on their way.

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