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Episode 26-30
Sora's Crest Of Love (Episode 26): The reunited children find a very emotional Sora, who explains that DemiDevimon told her that her Crest of Love would never glow because she never had love in her life. When DemiDevimon sees all the children together, he and Myotismon attack. However, since Sora realizes her mother did love her, and was only trying to protect her, her Crest begins to glow. Birdramon digivolves to Garudamon and defeats Myotismon. But before the children get too comfortable, the voice of Myotismon tells them they are about to meet their doom!
The Gateway To Home (Episode 27): Gennai tells the kids about an eighth "digidestined" child, who is currently living in Japan. Planning the capture of that child, Myotismon has discovered a gate in the castle that will allow him to pass into the human world. Demidevimon pulls together some troops, as the kids manage to search the castle for the gate. When the troops appear the Digimon digivolve and scare them away before they are able to get through the gate. A ferocious Digimon named Devidramon attacks and Greymon digivolves into Metal Greymon and destroys Devidramon. Gatomon closes the gate before the kids can get through it.
It's All In The Cards (Episode 28): The gang watches helplessly as Myotismon slips through the gate into the real world to find the eighth child. At Gennai's house under the lake, the wise old man gives the kids ten Digimon key cards, which, if played correctly, will open the gate. Before they can be used, however, the kids must learn the key cards' secret. Back at Myotismon's castle, the kids' Digimon battle Dokugumon, the castle's spider guardian and his parasite minions. At the last second, Izzy cracks the code of the cards and the kids leap through the gate!
Return To Highton View Terrace (Episode 29): The kids are back in the real world at camp and must stop Myotismon before he finds the eighth child. They go to Highton View Terrace, where they are attacked by Myotismon's army. The kids suddenly realize that what they though was a bombing attack four years ago, was actually the appearance of the first Digimon. Izzy suggests that the eighth child must have been there, as well. The kids continue to search for the child before Myostismon can find him or her.
Almost Home Free (Episode 30): Trying to get home, the kids take the subway with the Digimon pretending to be stuffed animals. They sleep through their stop and end up somewhere in the city. Luckily, they are spotted by Sora's cousin Duane, who picks them up. Duane accidentally knocks Izzy off a bridge during a confrontation and Motimon digivolves into Tentomon and saves him. Demidevimon and his henchmen appear. The Digimon digivolve and the kids are saved.

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