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Episode 21-25
Home Away From Home (Episode 21): Tai and Koromon are pulled through the rift and find themselves back on Earth. Tai goes home and visits his little sister, Kari, who seems to be aware of the DigiWorld. He also discovers that evil Digimon are taking advantage of the rift and creating chaos on Earth. Koromon digivolves to Agumon in order to battle the dreaded Ogremon and then returns to the DigiWorld to help his friends. Although Tai wishes he could stay with Kari, he follows Agumon back, too.
Forget About It! (Episode 22): Tai and Agumon return to the DigiWorld, where they look for their friends. They find Tokomon, who tells them that the other kids split up to look for them. He and T.K. met up with a new Digimon, Demidevimon, who seemed to be a friend but caused the two to have an angry fight and go their separate ways. Tai, Agumon and Tokomon find T.K. and Demidevimon, and Tai tries to get T.K. and Tokomon to make up. Demidevimon senses he's losing his influence over T.K. and tries to get the others to eat some mushrooms of forgetfulness, but they're warned off by a mysterious female voice (Sora). Realizing that Demidevimon isn't a true friend, Tokomon digivolves to Patamon and drives him off.
Weregarurumon's Diner (Episode 23): Matt and Gabumon find Joe slaving away in the kitchen of Vegiemon to pay for his meal. But a series of mishaps keeps Joe even deeper in debt. Joe doesn't know that DemiDevimon has ordered Vegiemon to keep Joe working there forever! Just in time, Tai and T.K. arrive and reveal DemiDevimon as an evil Digimon. A battle ensues, with Joe sacrificing himself to save T.K. as Gabumon digivolves first to Garurumon, then to WereGarurumon. The evil Digimons are defeated as the boys resume their search for Mimi and the others.
No Questions, Please (Episode 24): Searching for Gennai, Izzy and Tentomon find themselves trapped and suddenly fall beneath the surface into a bottomless pit. Vademon tricks Izzy into giving up his curiosity and his worldly possessions and brings Izzy's Tag and Crest to DemiDevimon. Tentomon feels that he is losing Izzy and de-digivolves into Motimon, who helps Izzy retrieve his Tag and Crest as well as his curiosity, then Motimon digivolves to MegaKabuterimon, who defeats Vademon. Izzy and Tentomon are thrust back to the surface where they find Matt, T.K., Tsumonon and Patamon.
Princess Karaoke (Episode 25): Tai, Joe and their Digimon companions track Mimi to a gigantic fortress where she's being treated like a princess by frog-like beings called Gekomon. The Gekomon are convinced that only Mimi's singing can awaken their master, ShogunGekomon. Mimi strings them along, never quite awakening the sleeping giant. When Tai and Joe call her a spoiled brat she has them all thrown into a dungeon. Finally, in a nightmare, Mimi sees what she's become. She begs everyone's forgiveness and awakens ShogunGekomon, a destructive behemoth who was better left in a coma. It takes an appearance by Metal Greymon to put the brute back to sleep.

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